How we worked with NatWest to make the first accessible banking app

The latest NatWest mobile app was developed by NatWest, in partnership with RNIB. 

It's a service that’s available to all customers, but we’ve tested it to ensure that it’s accessible and usable by blind and partially sighted people.

Features include a way to 'get cash' if you forget your bank card

We tested the core functions with speech and magnification using an iPhone and an Android phone. People were able to view their transactions, transfer money and make payments without any issues.
Features that were particularly liked by our blind and partially sighted testers include:
  • Fingerprint login: for the iPhone, which means you don’t have to manually input log in details  
  • The "get cash" feature: if you’ve left your debit card at home you can get sent a code which you can read on the phone and input at an ATM to get cash out.

We’ve ensured blind and partially sighted people have access to the same app as their sighted peers at the same time 

Steve Tyler, Head of Solutions, Strategy and Planning said: 
“RNIB and NatWest have been working together to improve accessibility for their banking customers. Last year they introduced the first ever accessible bank card and now, in partnership with RNIB, they have developed the first accessible banking app.
This new app provides their customers with access to their bank accounts via a mobile phone, and offers lots of benefits including transferring money between accounts, making payments, fingerprint login - on the iPhone - and the "get cash" feature.
What’s also great is that blind and partially sighted people have access to the same app as their sighted peers, at the same time.
RNIB are excited by this new offer, and delighted that NatWest is continuing to work towards providing accessibility for all. ”

Ensuring confidentiality and independence 

This app helps blind and partially sighted people manage their money, helping to maintain confidentially and independence. RNIB is looking forward to working with NatWest in the future to continue to develop products and services that help deliver accessibility for all. 

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