Post date: 
Thursday, 2 June 2016

We all know how much fun it is crowding around with a group of friends discussing the latest sports, music and celebrity news in a magazine or paper.

So we've made the RNIB Newsagent totally free for under 16s, so they can now access the same news, gossip and stories as featured in mainstream magazines at the same time as their sighted friends. Plus our more educational titles can help with study and developing interests. Although a lot of content can be found online nowadays, most sold magazines save their best stories for their publications - we feel that blind and partially sighted children shouldn't miss out. 

We believe reading can make a world of difference; whether that's the latest book or popular glossy magazine. By working closely with publishers we're now able to add new titles to the ever-growing selection and with titles such as the National Geographic for Kids, BBC Horrible Histories, RNIB Blast off! and First News, we've got something to suit all tastes. 

Formats available 

  • Audio CD or USB: Delivered to your door
  • Online: If you have a mobile phone or computer, get your daily paper or magazine delivered to your inbox or download from our website
  • DAISY: DAISY CDs offer further navigation options over the audio you listen to. If you have a DAISY player, why not take a look at what titles are available from our newsagent service?
  • Braille: magazines available in double-sided contracted braille
  • Big Print If you have some vision but would like to read a bigger font, this could be a choice for you

If you or a younger person you know wants to register for the RNIB Newsagent, phone 0303 123 9999, or email us at [email protected]