RNIB See Differently Awards 2020

About the awards
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The RNIB See Differently Awards - Coronavirus Heroes focuses on the people and organisations who have gone above and beyond supporting blind and partially sighted people in this challenging time. Whether it's raising money, awareness or community spirit, there have been some amazing acts of kindness and support. 

This year, we received thousands of votes for our Coronavirus Heroes shortlist and we are now thrilled to announce the winners

Award categories

We have sourced nominations from many great stories of individuals, businesses and organisations who have risen to the challenge. They have come to our attention either via the media, RNIB’s work or by reaching out to blind and partially sighted people to hear about their experiences. 

Best Community Contributor  

This award goes to someone who has stood out for the positive difference, commitment and spirt they have shown in response to the coronavirus pandemic.  Nominees in the category will have selflessly stepped up and gone to incredible lengths to provide help and support to others in their local community.

Best Corporate Response 

This award recognises businesses that have reacted to the coronavirus pandemic by using their time, resources and skills for good. Nominees in this category will be driven by their passion to support their community. 

Best Media Impact 

This award recognises the best of media reporting reflecting the experiences and challenges of blind and partially sighted people during the coronavirus pandemic. Nominees have encapsulated the essence of the subject matter, raised the profile through increased awareness and captured the spirt of the story to provoke learning and debate.

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