Social care professionals

Elderly people taking a walk together on a sunny dayWhether you work at a local authority, directly with older people or as part of a rehabilitation team, you are key to helping people newly diagnosed or living with sight loss to come to terms with their condition and help improve their quality of life.

If you are a professional working in the social care sector, it is likely you will be working with blind and partially sighted people. This section will support you in your role providing information on relevant services, best practice, policy information and research.

Supporting older people

Our Supporting older people section contains information on supporting older people in the community.

Rehabilitation workers

Our Rehabilitation workers section contains information and resources to support Rehabilitation workers.

Care home and residential

Our Care home and residential section contains information and resources for professionals working in these settings.

Training for social care professionals

Our Training for social care professionals section contains information on professional development and training.

Communication and environment

Our Communication and environment section provides information on producing accessible documents and making sure your environment is accessible.

Complex needs

Our Complex needs section has information on dementia, and learning disabilities.

RNIB and Action for Blind People services for blind and partially sighted people

RNIB and Action for Blind People provide many services that support blind and partially sighted older people in the community, reduce social isolation and help people adapt to sight loss.

Local Action/RNIB centres

Local Action for Blind People/RNIB centres can provide a range of services for blind and partially sighted people. Call our Helpline on 0303 123 9999 to find out where the nearest one is located. 

Sight loss support programmes

Our Sight loss support programmes are designed to help blind and partially sighted people deal with both the practical and emotional challenges of sight loss.

Emotional support

RNIB's Emotional Support Service provides confidential telephone support to help people come to terms with feelings about sight loss.

Talk and Support

RNIB Talk and Support run telephone social groups for adults with sight loss. Telebefriending allows people to socialise in small groups over the phone, and Telephone book clubs bring blind and partially sighted people together over the phone to discuss books and reading.


Sightline is an online searchable directory for services aimed at helping blind and partially sighted people.

Talking books

Our Talking Books service is absolutely free, giving access to over 23,000 titles for people to enjoy.

Other local services

Eye Clinic Liaison Officers

Eye Clinic Liaison Officers (ECLOs) work closely with medical and nursing staff in the eye clinic, as well as the sensory team in social services, to connect newly-diagnosed blind and partially sighted people with the practical and emotional support they need to understand their diagnosis, deal with their sight loss and maintain their independence.

Local societies

Local sight loss charities, associations and societies also provide services. Call the Visionary Helpline on 0208 417 0942 to find out what exists in your area.

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