An update on RNIB Pears Centre from our Chair Eleanor Southwood

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Friday, 11 May 2018

Eleanor Southwood, Chair of RNIB has issued an update about RNIB Pears Centre.

“Following on from my message last month about RNIB Pears Centre, I have updates from Ofsted and the Care Quality Commission (CQC) regarding our children’s home at the Centre to share with you.

Ofsted recognises the urgent action we are taking to address shortfalls at the children's home and has decided not to cancel our registration at this time. This means there is no immediate threat of closure. However, Ofsted has also made it clear that this is the very beginning of our improvement journey and that we must continue to make progress.

We acknowledge that there is still much more to do at the Centre to give the children the best possible care and support.  We remain committed to doing everything we can to embed best practice in everything we do there.

CQC also regulates the service we provide in one of five bungalows at the children’s home at RNIB Pears Centre. They raised concerns during their inspection visits in February and April and we’ve been expecting them to take action. CQC has decided to rate this part of the service as ‘inadequate’ and place it into ‘special measures’.

Whilst disappointing, this news is not surprising. It means that CQC will keep the service under review. We will continue to work with CQC and demonstrate significant improvements to them within six months.

The safety and wellbeing of the children at RNIB Pears Centre continues to be our number one priority and we will now work closely with both regulators to ensure that we embed the substantial improvements which we still need to make. 

We will remain under significantly increased regulatory scrutiny at this service for the time being.

We’re truly sorry for the previous failings at the children’s home and will continue to work closely with Ofsted and CQC so that we learn from the past and make sure this never happens again."

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