It's never too late to learn. Investing some time in learning can help you increase your job prospects and your confidence. 

It might be that you want to find work, progress in your career, need help retraining due to recent sight loss, or maybe you just want to learn for your own enjoyment. Whatever your situation, there are many qualifications and skills to choose from that can help you prepare for the future.

What to learn

There is a wide choice of courses available to you, from basic skills in maths, English and computing, to higher education qualifications such as degrees. Some courses are work-related, whilst others can be undertaken simply for the pleasure of learning! This section gives a broad overview of what is on offer.

Where to learn

It is important that you choose the learning environment that suits you. We cover the available options, from a local college or university, a specialist school, or you can even learn in your own home.