School is a big part of your life and this section offers advice around choosing subjects, exams and study skills, after school clubs and activities as well as how to start planning for life after school and moving on to college, uni or work.

Young People - School life

Our section about school life looks at specific issues that may come up about being at school with a vision impairment, like adaptations for exams, or how to study most effectively. There is also guidance about starting to plan for life after school, most commonly known as Transition Planning.

Young people – starting college

Our section about starting college will make sure you know about important student stuff such as choosing the right college for you, financial support and your rights. Check out our Leaving home section if you are interested in learning more about getting around and using public transport, managing your money and even helpful advice on cooking!

Young people - starting university

Our section about starting university covers important things like finding the right course, understanding application processes and where you can get financial help.