All children and young people can face hurdles and challenges as they grow, live and learn. Learning to manage feelings, face problems, resolve differences and difficulties and developing resilience and coping strategies is a common part of growing up. 

Children and young people with vision impairment will experience the same everyday experiences, feelings and reactions as their sighted peers. There may also be some particular issues relating to having a vision impairment, where it is helpful for parents, siblings, friends, family and other people to give support. 

We have produced a series of podcasts for parents and carers about emotional support for children and young people with vision impairment. 

Two members of our CYPF & Education support team speak to Ian McCubbin, a NHS Clinical Psychologist. Ian is part of a team working in hospitals across the UK to provide specialist services to children and young people with VI which are funded by Fight Against Blindness

We discuss advice, strategies and suggestions on a range of issues that young people and parents frequently ask us about.  For each podcast there is follow-on information. 

If you would like advice and support from our Family Support Officers about any of the issues covered in the podcast series, please contact us via the Helpline 0303 123 9999 or email [email protected]

Podcast 1: Resilience, confidence, and self-esteem

In this podcast we explore why confidence, self-esteem and resilience are important when considering child development and ways to encourage all three attributes.

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Podcast 2: Talking to your child about their eye condition

Parents tell us that knowing how to talk about it with their child is one of the most difficult and distressing parts of finding out their child has a vision impairment. We look at the importance of having the conversation with a child and how to prepare.

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Podcast 3: Talking to others about your child’s eye condition

For children and young people with a vision impairment and their parents and carers, talking to other people about an eye condition can cause concern. We look at preparing for a conversation and some factors to consider.

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Podcast 4: Isolation and anxiety

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic and available support, this podcast looks at the challenges of isolation and anxiety.

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Podcast 5: Managing behaviour

Managing a child’s behaviour can sometimes be difficult for parents and families, but lockdown and other restrictions have presented new challenges to cope with. In this podcast we look at behaviour specific to a child with a vision impairment and the strategies you can use if you need to manage behaviour in difficult circumstances.

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Podcast 6: Coping with a new diagnosis 

Finding out a child has a vision impairment can lead to varying emotional responses. We look at these and explore some practical advice in how to support the whole family.

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