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Monday, 20 September 2021
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RNIB and Blind Ambition are coming together again to bring our series of free employment webinars to even more blind and partially sighted jobseekers.

Earlier this year, RNIB and Blind Ambition worked together with the aim of helping jobseekers with sight loss to get to the next stage of their career. We had some fantastic feedback from our attendees, and it's encouraged us offer the webinars again, starting from September this year. Here are some of the comments from the first series of webinars:

Helen, who attended the webinars, said: I’ve gained a lot of great information from the webinars and it has been a great overview of all very relevant topics, some of which I had little or no knowledge of previously. This therefore has worked for me. Also hearing Seema’s work history is very motivational and inspiring. It has helped improve my confidence that I could hopefully find employment since losing my eyesight.

Another attendee, Matthew, said: I found the support working workshop informative. The workshops were well paced and the content was clear and on topic. I think bringing guest speakers in works really well.

After attending the webinars, Seema D said: The webinars have helped me with my employability - giving me confidence and has been really refreshing listening to webinars. It makes you focus on things you may not have focused on before and that makes me feel more confident. It has given me confidence to look at other roles that I could. I was looking at social worker jobs, after listening it has opened my mind to other possibilities that are out there, such as working with other VI people.

The new looking for work webinar series


With such positive results from the first series, RNIB and Blind Ambition are pleased to invite you to a new series of free hour-long webinars to support jobseekers with sight loss find work and get to the next stage of their careers.

This could be finding a new role, entering employment, starting an apprenticeship or starting up a new business. Over the next few months, we'll be covering a range of topics, from help with CV writing, different ways to market yourself, interview tips and much more.

There are 16 sessions planned as part of the looking for work webinar programme, available to book now. You can join all the webinars, or dip in and out to the topics that interest you most. Come and meet employment experts from both RNIB and Blind Ambition and get the advice and support you need. In the first few sessions you'll hear about:

  • Your legal rights when disclosing a disability, reasonable adjustments and talking to an employer

  • Access to Work and what support you might be entitled to

  • Finding a support worker and what skills you should look for

  • Confidence and resilience and how to build belief in yourself.

Download the full webinar programme here.

Registration: To find out more and register for any of these webinars visit the Blind Ambition website.

Further information and support

Please email [email protected] for more information or if you have any issues with registration.

For further employment information online visit: