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Visibly Better Employer is an RNIB programme for employers, backed by major organisations including Tesco and HM Revenue and Customs, which helps them become better and more inclusive for people with sight loss. 

When an organisation signs up for the Visibly Better Employer quality standard, we help them to put in place practices which will enable them to become an inclusive employer for blind and partially sighted people.

What we assess as part of the Visibly Better Employer quality standard

RNIB has a team of specialists in employment and accessible working practices who support employers to improve their recruitment and retention practices for both new and existing staff who have sight loss. We work with the employer to consider how jobs are advertised, the application and interview process, IT systems and reasonable adjustments, promotion opportunities and organisation wide staff knowledge about sight loss.

To achieve the Visibly Better Employer quality standard an organisation must make any accessibility changes suggested by RNIB and prove its committment to becoming an inclusive employer for blind and partially sighted people.

What it means for a blind or partially sighted jobseeker

If you apply for a position with an employer which has achieved the RNIB Visibly Better Employer quality standard, you can be confident that the recruitment process will be fair and inclusive. If you get a job with a Visibly Better Employer, it will understand that reasonable adjustments might be needed and your colleagues should have a good basic understanding of sight loss so you can fit smoothly into your new role.

Find out more about our Visibly Better Employers

All the following organisations have achieved the Visibly Better Employer quality standard, proving each is an inclusive employer for people with sight loss. Click the links to visit their recruitment pages and find out what roles are available with them now.

Remember, opportunities with these employers will change all the time. Check their websites regularly to make sure you don't miss out on your perfect job.

Further information

The certification reflects the review we undertook on the date of our evaluation from the employer’s responses to our criteria questions and their subsequent actions. We cannot and do not make any comment on any other aspects of this employer’s provisions, activities or accessibility beyond the materials provided to us by the employer as at the date of our review for which we are not paid.