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Wednesday, 2 March 2022
TV, Film, Video Games and Audio Description
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Gaming is not yet accessible for many blind and partially sighted people, according to new RNIB research involving over 500 participants living with sight loss.

While the gaming industry has focused on making video games accessible, many blind and partially sighted gamers reported major accessibility issues.

Our study shows that while most platforms offer an accessible environment with support for access features, like screen readers and subtitles, these features are not universally available and there is a significant gap to bridge.

Alison Long, Head of Business and Consumer Services at RNIB, explains: “Progress is being made to make games more accessible, but we have much more to do if blind and partially gamers are to be included. Later this month, we’ll be launching a report to build momentum for making these changes.”

The paper reports on a new multi-method study combining qualitative and quantitative user research from blind and partially sighted people and an industry consultation. The research assesses: 

  • How accessible gaming is for people living with sight loss

  • The importance companies in the gaming industry attach to accessible gaming

  • The opportunities and challenges companies encounter in developing games.

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