Information on the Managing Treatments section of PIPThis activity looks at your ability to appropriately take medications that are prescribed or recommended by a registered doctor, nurse or pharmacist and to monitor and detect changes in a health condition.

Questions relevant to sight loss

The legal tests are:

Needs either –

i. to use an aid or appliance to be able to manage medication; or

ii. supervision, prompting or assistance to be able to manage medication or monitor a health condition.

Points: 1

More information to help you answer the questions

Managing medication means the ability to take prescribed medication in the correct way and at the right time.

Monitoring a health condition or recognise significant changes means the ability to detect changes in the condition and take corrective action, as advised by a healthcare professional.

Pill boxes, dosette boxes, blister packs, alarms and reminders can be taken into account as aids when you need to use them because you are blind or partially sighted.

Top tips

When answering the questions think about –

  • Do you use an aid to help you know on what day/at what time you should take your medication?
  • Does someone have to help you identify which tablets to take and when?
  • Do you use labelling methods to identify your medication, e.g. a Penfriend labeller or elastic bands to identify one type of eye drop?
  • Do you need help from another person with eye drops?
  • Do you use a drop dispenser aid to make it easier to take your drops?
  • Do you need help to record your blood sugar levels if you have diabetes? Do you use a large print or talking glucose meter?
  • Do you need help to locate your medication?
  • Can you read the accompanying information leaflet that comes with your medication or would you need someone else to read this to you?

You should put your answers to these questions in the section on the form called "Extra information".

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