Information on completing the dressing and undressing section of PIPThis activity looks at your ability to put on and take off culturally appropriate, un-adapted clothing that is suitable for the situation.

Questions relevant to people with sight loss

The legal test is:

Needs ... prompting or assistance to be able to select appropriate clothing.

Points: 2

More information to help you answer the questions

If you need help with fastenings, such as zips or buttons this can be taken into account as can your ability to put on/take off socks and shoes.

Top tips

When answering the questions think about- 

  • Do you need advice from another person about which clothes will be appropriate?
  • Do you need help with selecting clothes?
  • Do you need someone to check that the clothes you are wearing are clean and do not have stains on them?
  • Do you need someone to check that your clothes do not have any holes or need minor repairs?
  • Do you use shoes that have a Velcro fastening rather than laces?
  • Do you use aids or other methods to help you to identify your clothes, e.g. Penfriend labels, Slade buttons?
  • Do you rely on another person or your sense of touch to tell whether clothes are inside out or on the right way around? 

You should put your answers to these questions in the section on the form called "Extra information".

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