Things Not To Say To A Blind Person

“You don’t look blind.”

“What’s the point in getting your hair styled?”

“Oh, you have an actual job?"

These are just some of the things blind and partially sighted people hear on a regular basis.  

BBC3, as part of their ‘Things Not To Say…’ series that focuses on misunderstood groups of society, have produced a new film titled 'Things Not To Say to a Blind Person'.

RNIB were happy to help them find a unique group of people ready to take on questions like this and more. Watch the video to see how Marc, Georgie, Emily, Lucy, Soul, Ryan and Claire got on!


Nicki from the BBC3 Things Not to Say to a Blind Person film


It was really fun to take part in BBC Three’s ‘Things not to say...’ film, and to point out the strange, weird, hilarious and sometimes ridiculous things I get asked as a visually impaired person.

Nicki, Connect Community member


Things you should say to a blind person

We asked you to let us know “What is the one thing NOT to say to you as a blind person? What should people say instead?”

We received some great vlog responses, filmed and submitted by the blind and partially sighted community. Watch the video to hear the stories shared by our community members.

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