Volunteering hub for our current volunteers

Thank you for volunteering with RNIB. From your induction onwards, we provide ongoing support that ensures you're gaining the right skills and knowledge to succeed in your role and beyond! 

Here you’ll find guidance and information on everything that you’ll need to know as an RNIB volunteer, such as the training available to you, our volunteer FAQs and even how our volunteers can connect with each other.

Want to know more about RNIB and what we do? Find out more about our various teams and the work that they do.

Helpful information for you

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Join our Volunteer Council

Our Volunteer Council is a group of 12 volunteers who meet on a quarterly basis, over Skype, with our Volunteering and Resourcing team to share their feedback and discuss improvements they would like to make to the volunteer experience.

Membership changes after the fourth meeting (with a new group joining every October).  If you would like to find out about being a part of the Volunteer Council, please email us at [email protected] (you can do this at any time of the year).

Are you a Connect volunteer?

We have several documents available that you may find useful during your time as a Connect volunteer: