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Discover what volunteering with RNIB is like as our volunteers open up and share why it can be life-changing and a great learning experience.

We have volunteers across a range of ages, and at different stages in life; those who are still working, some who have retired and students wanting to gain experience in the workplace. We also have a large number of volunteers who are blind and partially sighted, who have found that the experience has helped them overcome barriers they used to face. If you're a current volunteer with us, there's also the opportunity to get involved and share your own story

What's it like to volunteer with RNIB? Watch Esther, Nadeem and Richard talk about their experiences.

Susan sat holding a book and smiling
Susan's volunteering story

Confidence Building volunteer, Susan opens up about what she enjoys the most about volunteering with RNIB, what she has gained and why being a volunteer has changed her life.

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I love talking to people and sharing stories. It’s done me good and I get a lot ou​t of it. Volunteering has made me come out of my shell.

Tina Haigh, support volunteer



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