Involving volunteers extends the reach of our service and helps us to equip blind and partially sighted people to be able to live the life they want to lead.

So it is important that we are able to understand what the volunteering experience is like and how our volunteers feel about their roles and involvement with RNIB. Our Volunteering team conducts regular surveys at different points of the volunteer journey. 

Hearing from volunteers about what is going well and what could be done differently in the future is crucial to helping support our volunteers. This page highlights the key findings from our volunteer surveys.

A massive thank you to everyone who has completed our volunteer surveys and shared their feedback. It is greatly appreciated and invaluable to our work to ensure a positive volunteer experience at RNIB.

Upcoming research

Our next volunteer check-in survey goes live on 6 July 2022 with a theme of wellbeing. Look out for the survey link in the upcoming Volunteer News or email [email protected] to receive an invitation.

Volunteering experience: key statistics 

  • 93% of volunteers feel recognised for the volunteering they do from their manager.

  • 92% of volunteers feel comfortable being themselves whilst volunteering.

  • 90% of volunteers feel supported in their role.

  • 88% of volunteers feel valued for the time and effort they donate to RNIB. 

  • 85% of volunteers would recommend volunteering with RNIB to others.

  • 83% of volunteers utilise the skills they already have into their role.

  • 80% of volunteers are extremely satisfied or satisfied with the communication they receive from RNIB about their volunteering role.

  • 78% of volunteers have been provided with the training and information they need to carry out their role.

  • 77% of volunteers feel like they are making a difference in the lives of others by volunteering with RNIB.

  • Expectations for the volunteering experience have been met for 76% of volunteers.

  • 76% of volunteers strongly agree or agree RNIB is a great place to volunteer.

Find out how we’ve turned your feedback into action here 

Volunteering insight activities and reports


Pulse surveys

Pulse surveys are conducted on a quarterly basis to understand how volunteers are feeling and their experience with RNIB. You can download and read the findings from our pulse surveys below.

Annual survey

An annual survey is conducted every year in Autumn to provide a detailed insight and understanding into the key areas of volunteer experience at RNIB. An annual survey was not carried out in 2021 due to the appointment of the Volunteering Insight Manager and an insight review being conducted. 

For more information or to become a volunteer email us on [email protected].