Each year we conduct the annual volunteer survey to understand more about your volunteering experience at RNIB. 

The survey is a valuable way hear from you about what’s going well and what we could be doing differently to make your experience better.

The results are shared with the Volunteer Council, senior leadership team and steering committees to ensure that what you say is listened to and acted upon. Here’s what you said and what we’re doing to turn your feedback from our latest volunteer survey into action.

Recruiting and welcoming you

You said:

  • Opportunities weren’t always easy to find.

  • Volunteer role descriptions could be clearer.

  • Communication should be improved during the recruitment process.

  • Key information from the Volunteer Welcome Pack wasn’t always received.


  • Carried out a full evaluation of our website to find out how we can improve our appeal and make it easier to apply for volunteering roles.

  • Created clearer and more consistent role descriptions to help volunteers know exactly what your role will involve.

  • Developed a Volunteering Recruitment Commitment, which sets out timelines for communication or contact with all volunteer applicants.

  • Updated the Welcome Pack to make it both accessible and engaging with links to all of the essential information volunteers need when you join RNIB.

  • Review the Welcome Pack on a quarterly basis to keep the content relevant and up to date.

Communicating with you

You said:

  • The communication you had with RNIB was infrequent and impersonal.

  • Change often wasn’t communicated well.


  • Established the Volunteering Communications Advisory Panel, who support with evaluating and changing the ways we communicate with volunteers. A big achievement for the Panel has been changing how the audio volunteer news is produced – all volunteers receiving audio will now hear a human voice when listening to the volunteer news!

  • Developed a series of “Communication Counts” training resources to support volunteer managers.

Supporting and valuing you

You said:

  • There’s not always a sense of community or cohesion with other volunteers.

  • The expenses claim process could be easier.

  • You wanted to feel more confident in your role.

  • Receiving verbal thanks, feedback on your role and the impact you’re having makes you feel valued as a volunteer at RNIB.


  • Produced remote volunteering resources to help volunteer managers to connect volunteers with each other, your team and the wider organisation. Some teams have been holding virtual get togethers to keep people connected.

  • Worked with a group of volunteers, customers and staff to review the volunteer expenses guidance. Thank you to Paul, Vivienne, Sandra, Roman, Hussein, David, Shelly, Philip, Sue and Debbie for sharing your views and experiences. A special mention to Paul for taking on reordering the guidance to make it easier to understand and follow.

  • Launched an internal Contributor Development Library, where volunteer managers can access training and development resources to lead sessions with volunteers.

  • Celebrated your volunteering stories by featuring volunteer interviews on RNIB Connect Radio during Volunteers’ Week (1-7 June 2020).

  • Created resources on valuing volunteers to ensure volunteer managers understand just what’s important to you.

Read the full results of our 2020 survey for more insight on last year's findings.