When you leave school and possibly home as well, life won't be all work! 

Whether its sport, games and gaming, art or music, check out our free time guide for inspiration. 

Sport and leisure activities

Fancy trying sailing, snowboarding or off-road driving? Enjoy goalball, football or cricket? Visit our sports and leisure activities page - some sports are especially adapted for blind and partially sighted young people.

If you’re under 16, you can sign up for RNIB Activity Breaks which include music, drumming, ten pin bowling, art, dance, swimming, athletics, basketball, goalball, and judo.

We know the positive impact sport can have on people’s lives and that people with sight loss participate and excel in sport and physical activity at all levels. But we also know there’s work to do, as many people with sight loss are unable to access and therefore enjoy sport.

We're working with British Blind Sport (BBS) to raise awareness among the two million people with sight loss in the UK, and across the sports sector, about how more blind and partially sighted people can get involved with sport and feel the benefits.

Find out more via our See Sport Differently campaign


For all things music - give the RNIB Music Advisory Service a ring or drop us an email at [email protected]. We’ll help you work out where to start learning an instrument, and tell you about music events for children and young people. These include revision days for pupils doing GCSE or A level music.

Books and writing

If you’re a book worm, or have the writing bug, look at our reading and writing resources which include ebooks. And why not write for RNIB?

Games and gaming

For gamers, read about the accessible features of gaming! We’d like your thoughts, ideas and experiences too - share with others what you like! You will also information on accessible traditional board games.

Social networks

Enjoy hanging out online? Visit our social networks page for pages recommended by other blind and partially sighted young people. And we’d love it if you also become a fan of RNIB on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter and YouTube!  Read our helpful advice for staying safe online.

Love film and theatre?

Visit our film pages for information about audio-description, and listings of cinemas that provide discounted tickets for disabled people. You’ll also find information about Blu-ray and DVDs with audio-description. We provide regular online listings of audio-described theatre performances around the UK. Visit our theatre pages to find out more.