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RNIB Procurement

We strive to provide a strategic, ethical and service-driven approach to procurement. Find out about our procurement mission, strategy, and policy.

Procurement mission statement

We aim to ensure our procurement process provides RNIB with value for money, and goods and services that are of high quality.

Procurement is an integral part of our strategy, so it’s vital to our process:

  • takes an ethical approach
  • provides RNIB with high quality goods and services in a timely fashion
  • provides RNIB value for money
  • enables RNIB to meet the needs of the people and groups we serve.

Our procurement vision statement

To extend the influence of procurement to all areas of RNIB, to assist with the provision of value-for-money goods and services that assist the organisation in achieving its objectives.

To be true to our mission of providing those goods and services of the appropriate value and quality at the lowest overall cost available and at the time needed.

We will be innovative in our approach to problem-solving, and be proactive in supplying and meeting the needs of the people and groups we serve, utilising approved methods and available/new technologies.

Procurement strategy

Our procurement strategy supports our strategic objectives and ambitions. We have five strategic procurement objectives, which are:

  • value for money
  • sustainable procurement
  • developing and valuing our people
  • knowledge and information
  • excellent procurement service.

These strategic objectives are underpinned by our four guiding principles. To:

  • be close to the business
  • be an exemplar of best practice
  • enable our goals and programmes
  • promote diversity and corporate social responsibility.

Our procurement policy

We understand that to achieve best value, we need a procurement policy that encourages innovative service provision and delivers efficiency, effectiveness and value for money.

The key principles of our procurement policy are:

  • Value for money – a prime aim of the procurement process is to ensure that best Value for Money (VFM) is achieved.
  • Competition – procurement should be through open competition unless there are exceptional reasons.
  • Payment on time – suppliers must be paid on time in accordance with contractual arrangements.
  • Ethical standards – procurement must be undertaken to the highest ethical standards, and fairness to suppliers.
  • Legal aspects – contracts must be in writing, and in accordance with RNIB policy.
  • Environmental impact – purchasers must consider environmental impacts and aim to minimise adverse effects.

Contract for suppliers

RNIB issues a standard contract for suppliers, which covers pricing, standards of delivery and more. You can find out more about this contract and download a copy.

RNIB terms and conditions

Our standard terms and conditions govern all orders that RNIB places and by accepting these you agree to being bound by them.

Exceptions to standard supplier contract

These conditions apply unless you have contracted RNIB under a separate and specific contract document.

What the RNIB supplier contract covers

Our standard supplier contact covers all conditions applying to the supply of goods and services. The contract covers pricing, standards of service and quality of goods, delivery and much more.

If you have any questions please email [email protected]