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How RNIB manages its supply base

We use a preferred supplier list, but we are always looking for new suppliers with the skills and dynamic solutions that best meet our requirements.

Our supplier selection is based on overall value for money criteria, but we also consider the:

  • quality of the goods and services to be supplied sustainability of the supply chain
  • accessibility of the goods and services to be supplied
  • development potential of the supplier
  • reliability of the supplier and their supply chain
  • safety aspects of the goods and services and supplier security of the supplier's background
  • timely delivery of all goods and services
  • maintenance and after sales support overall service level that is being offered.

Types of contracts offered

RNIB contracts are generally issued to suppliers on a national basis; however, there are times when a local arrangement may be more suitable.


For large value expenditure, our tender processes follow Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) guidelines. However, as a charitable organisation, we are not bound by this EU legislation so we follow these guidelines as a best practice process.

Becoming a new RNIB supplier

Selection and appointment of suppliers is managed by our Procurement Team. This team ensures we control and manage the number of suppliers we use - and keep our supply costs low.

Please be aware that whilst we are happy to receive enquiries from potential new suppliers, the procurement team will only appoint new suppliers when a specific requirement arises.

If you would like to express you interest to work with RNIB you can contact the RNIB Procurement Team and we'll add your details to our database, if the right opportunity arises we may be in touch with you.

RNIB's payment method

Payment for goods received or services completed to the satisfaction of RNIB are made on the 28th day of the month, following the month of the invoice (unless otherwise agreed) and is subject to the receipt of a correctly itemised invoice.

The supplier's invoice must quote the full purchase order number and be addressed as detailed on the front of the purchase order provided.

VAT, where applicable, will be shown separately on all invoices as a net extra charge.

RNIB shall not be responsible for any delays in payment arising from failure to comply with these invoicing instructions.

RNIB's payment promise

Payment by RNIB shall be without prejudice to any rights or remedies available to it under any contract issued, or otherwise, and shall not constitute any binding admission by RNIB as to the suitability, quantity, quality or fitness for purpose of goods received or satisfactory performance and completion of the services by the supplier.

RNIB shall be entitled to withhold payment for goods and/or services pending receipt and acceptance of the goods and/or services.

How we treat our suppliers

We will comply with Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply (CIPS) guidance on professional practice and contractual obligations at all times. We will also:

  • Treat our suppliers fairly and impartially at all times.
  • Pay our suppliers promptly and in accordance with our contractual agreements when products or services have been received. (This is on the condition that suppliers submit a timely and accurate invoice that bears the purchase order or contract agreement number and matches the purchase order/agreement in all respects.)
  • Enter into all agreements, in the spirit of mutual cooperation, and keep communication channels open to discuss any opportunities our suppliers many be facing.
  • Measure supplier performance against established benchmarks and resolve issues wherever they arise.
  • Uphold the highest levels of integrity in all our business relationships both internal and external to RNIB, and reject any business practice deemed unethical in any way.

What we expect from suppliers

We expect our suppliers to adhere to the following core standards:

  • To create value within your own processes that you can pass on to RNIB. This should include ongoing programmes of efficiencies such as cost reductions, quality differentiation and process improvements.
  • To regularly provide accurate metrics that allow us to measure performance and work with you to address any deficiencies.
  • To ensure that commercially sensitive information about RNIB, that is not readily available to the public, remains confidential and undisclosed to others.
  • We prohibit our suppliers from using RNIB's name or logo for any purpose without written authorisation from our Communications Department. This includes the publication of photographs, endorsements, customer or client listings and press releases.

If you have any questions please email [email protected]