Braille rules and reference books

Braille rules and reference books will help you look up forgotten or unfamiliar signs and rules.

Grade 2 signs for reading/writing: a quick reference guide

Grade 2 signs for reading: a quick reference guide and Grade 2 signs for writing: a quick reference guide are braille booklets designed to assist those new to contracted (grade 2) braille who may occasionally need to look up forgotten or unfamiliar signs when reading/writing.

All signs and shortforms are grouped by type in alphabetical order for easy reference, and simple examples are included.

Check your braille

Check your braille is designed to help anyone who has learned braille and would like to revise or just check up on the signs or rules.

British braille

British Braille is the standard reference for the rules of Standard English Braille as used in the UK. It is compiled and published by the Braille Authority of the United Kingdom (BAUK), which is the braille standard setting body for the UK.
It is an essential reference work for anyone involved in transcribing or proof-reading braille.

Everyday braille

This leaflet is for anyone wanting to find out about braille and how it is used, particularly the friends and families of blind and partially sighted people.

Sighted people can learn the braille alphabet from its pages.

It explains how a little braille knowledge can be used to enhance the life and independence of a blind or partially sighted person.

Further information

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