For blind and partially sighted people, safe crossing points are a vital component in the negotiation of their local communities. 

Crossing the street is an essential part of negotiating our built environment. The quality, provision or absence of crossing points affect people’s ability and desire to both walk and use their local streets.

If crossing the street is difficult, dangerous, or involves walking further than necessary, you may simply find yourself choosing not to make the journey or take unnecessary risks.  

The briefings focus on England but even if you're based in Wales, Northern Ireland or Scotland, we hope they're useful. You can contact your local campaigns team for more information.


Who put that there! Pedestrian crossings and what you can do about them

We've put together all the relevant facts we could find on crossings and the law.

How to start a local campaign

Having a problem with a crossing or even the lack of one? You can download our guide to starting a campaign. The Guide contains all the relevant knowledge and a few ideas to get you started in your campaign.

Template letter

If you're having a problem in your area with crossings, you'll probably want to raise the matter with the local authority. Feel free to use our template letter to do so, just remember to change it to fit your circumstances...

Further information

For more information about what's going on in your local area or the contact details of your local member of the Campaigns team check out our regional pages