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RNIB are offering employers the opportunity to work with us, to become a better and more inclusive employer for people with sight loss, through aligning your working practices to the RNIB Visibly Better Employer quality standard.

We know the last year has been incredibly difficult for many employers; the months ahead will continue to be challenging. However, we also know that employers who have new job vacancies want the best selection of candidates and depend heavily on the experience and skills of existing staff.

Only one in four people with sight loss of working age are in employment. There are currently 11,000 people with sight loss in the UK who are actively seeking work. Many people also leave work unnecessarily each year due to sight loss. Our aim is that in helping you to reach the Visibly Better Standard, you will see an increase in the number of blind and partially sighted people who apply for opportunities in your organisation and you are able to confidently retain existing staff who develop sight loss.

Martin O’Kane, Strategic Lead for Employment at RNIB says: By becoming a Visibly Better Employer your company will widen the talent pool available and increase diversity and innovation, drawing on the value blind and partially sighted employees bring to an organisation.

Watch our short film about the Visibly Better Employer quality standard to find out more:

What is assessed as part of the Visibly Better standard?

RNIB has a number of specialists in the areas of employment and accessible and usable working practices who can support you in improving your recruitment and retention practices in relation to new and existing staff who have sight loss.

You don’t need to excel in all areas straight away. We will tell you what you are doing well, while making recommendations for improvement in other areas.

We will help you to put in place practices which will enable your organisation to become an inclusive employer for anyone with sight loss. This will be across potential applicants and existing staff members who may develop sight loss.

You will often find that many changes introduced to help people with sight loss also benefit an even wider range of people.

How do you achieve the standard?

Firstly, RNIB will assess how inclusive your provision is for any staff with sight loss who currently work with you and also from the perspective of future applicants with sight loss.

We will then make recommendations on anything that needs to be changed and advise you on how to implement these changes. Once you have had an opportunity to take the necessary steps, we will come back and re-assess your employment practices. This will be a friendly, collaborative process. We’re both working towards the same aim of improving your work practices and encouraging greater take up of job opportunities by blind and partially sighted people.

Once your organisation has met the criteria outlined in the standard, you will be awarded Visibly Better Employer status.

What will it cost?

RNIB is not charging for our initial assessment of your employment practices.

How do I get started?

We've created a simple assessment form for you to complete so we can get a better understanding of your current recruitment and employment processes. There are a number of "Questions to consider" that will help you start thinking about your current practices. Just email us the form and one of our friendly and professional advisers will be in touch with recommendations and advice so you can start working towards achieving the Visibly Better Employer quality standard.

Download the Visibly Better Employer assessment form pdf

The Visibly Better Employer assessment form is also available in Word format.

Further information

The certification reflects the review we undertook on the date of our evaluation from the employer’s responses to our criteria questions and their subsequent actions. We cannot and do not make any comment on any other aspects of this employer’s provisions, activities or accessibility beyond the materials provided to us by the employer as at the date of our review for which we are not paid.

To find out more, please email the RNIB Employment Team at: [email protected]