New research report: early intervention support in eye clinics

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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

New research provides an overview of emotional and practical support in UK eye clinics.

Early intervention services in eye clinics play a key role in helping people adjust to sight loss. However, our latest research reveals only half of hospitals in the UK with eye clinics have any form of support in place. And an even smaller number receive emotional or practical support from trained staff and volunteers.

This is the first study published by RNIB on early intervention since 2007/08 when there were only six RNIB Eye Clinic Liaison Officers (ECLOs) across the UK. That's why over the last six years availability and access to early intervention services has become a priority for us.

Since then, the number of RNIB group ECLOs (also known as sight loss advisers) have dramatically increased and we have started to build a clearer picture of other types of early intervention support that are in place throughout the UK.

Our latest report looks at the support in eye clinics and includes a number of recommendations to improve services. Plus, the research supports our new ‘Hanging from a thread’ campaign briefing, which is about protecting existing Eye Clinic Liaison Officer posts at risk of ending in 2014 and calls for sustainable funding for this vital service.

Read the full report on our early reach research page.

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