Loss of sight has a substantial impact on people’s quality of life, and research estimates that the total cost of sight loss to our economy is in the region of £28 billion a year.

Nearly half of all cases of sight loss in the UK could have been prevented. People at risk of losing their sight need more information and support to enable them to take an active role in looking after their eye health.

This report, produced in partnership with Specsavers, contains the data and insight that commissioners, policy makers, service providers and professionals working in the health, care and voluntary sectors need in order to make a difference.

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This report draws together the latest evidence on eye health.

Definitions of sight loss fall into three broad categories:

  • clinical (used by professionals such as optometrists and ophthalmologists)
  • administrative (used by health and social care bodies)
  • self-reported (used by people to describe their own sight loss)

We have used data from all of these sources in this report.

Information is presented at UK level throughout this report. In some instances data from individual countries is given because it has not been possible to derive UK level data (the report specifies where this is the case).

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