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Branch and ATM banking

Hints and tips to make banking at your local branch and cashpoint easier, including help with finding the nearest accessible cashpoint.

A group of people posing for a photo outside a Barclays bank in London. One is holding a white cane.

Finding your nearest branch or cashpoint

Finding your nearest branch or cashpoint can difficult but there are ways to make this easier. To find your nearest branch and the location of cash machines you can ask your bank to give you the information in your preferred format. If you're connected to the internet, you can also often use the 'branch locator' feature on your bank's website.

Withdrawing cash at the bank

If you're withdrawing cash from the branch, you can ask the cashier to count your money out by denomination. You might also want to ask the cashier to count out the notes and coins separately. Ask that all money and receipts be placed directly into your hand not on the counter.

Using talking cash machines

Blind or partially sighted people can use talking cash machines to take out cash, check their balance or change their own PIN number by using headphones to hear on screen information. You need to plug in a set of headphones to the audio jack to listen to the options that will be read out. You will be given several choices and asked to press the appropriate option on the keypad. For instance, you may be asked to press ‘one’ to select cash withdrawal and ‘two’ to select balance enquiry. On each keypad the 'five' has a raised dot which enables you to navigate the numbers.

Barclays talking cash machines

In 2011, Barclays became the first major bank to sign up to our Make Money Talk campaign. Now more than 75 percent of its cash machines 'talk'.

There are more than 3,000 Barclays speech-enabled cash machines, located at its branches across England and Wales, including at some Asda supermarkets. Non-Barclays customers can also use the Barclays cash machines. To find out the location of your nearest Barclays talking cashpoint visit the Barclays branch finder web page.

Speak to your bank

There are several options available to bank customers who have difficulty accessing their own money. Some people prefer to have one card to use at cash machines and a second card to sign for things in shops. Or some customers may choose to have one card which does both functions. To find out more about all the different options available contact your bank directly.