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Edinburgh Fringe to feature blind and partially sighted performers

Black illustration of closed eyes on a white background.

Cabaret in the Dark promotional image

What’s it like to see a show… without seeing it? This question will be answered by a unique group of blind and partially sighted performers taking part in a ‘Cabaret in the Dark’ at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe.

Visually Impaired Creators Scotland (VICS) is a newly formed collective of artists from disciplines including theatre, music, stand up and poetry. The members have years of experience performing, writing, and directing, and use VICS to collaborate and create a support network to share their lived experiences.

Their cabaret will allow audiences to step into the shoes of their hosts, by featuring stand-up comedy, music, drag, and sketches– all in the pitch dark. The show is the group’s first production as a collective and was performed in Leith this February to a sold-out audience. Now they are looking to bring their unique experience to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Comedian Neil Skene, who has been totally blind due to glaucoma since his teenage years, says:

“The world of stand-up comedy can often be a dark and lonely one. Add sight impairment into the mix and these issues are greatly increased.

“Having the support of VICS means you can share experiences with others who understand, and through understanding comes support and encouragement. VICS has been so much more than a performance collective: it is a place for visually impaired artists to feel safe, heard and represented.”

Cabaret in the Dark’ takes place at Fringe Venue 6, C-AURORA at Lauriston Halls, from August 3rd- 5th. Tickets are available from: