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RNIB Cymru’s manifesto calls for the 2021 Senedd elections

The sixth term of the Welsh Parliament | Senedd Cymru will convene against the backdrop of the global coronavirus pandemic.

The task ahead of this Senedd will be to build Wales back from the unprecedented events that preceded it. As we look to the future, the key question for the next Welsh Government will be: How can we create a new normal that works for everybody?

Our manifesto sets out the key steps needed to make Wales a more inclusive society; a society without barriers which empowers people with sight loss to live independently, where health services prevent sight loss that’s avoidable and timely social care support is provided when it isn’t, and where blind and partially sighted people’s needs are accounted for and their voice is valued in decision making processes.

We are calling on the next Welsh Government to take action to address five key issues outlined in our manifesto. The steps are straightforward and practical, the costs relatively modest, but the gains for society would be far-reaching and profound:

  • Prioritise ending avoidable sight loss. Every person on waiting lists for urgent eye clinic appointments should be seen in a timely manner to avoid irreversible sight loss.
  • Break down the environmental barriers faced by blind and partially sighted people. People with sight loss should be able to live, travel and enjoy the same opportunities as everyone else.
  • Tackle the postcode lottery of vision rehabilitation services. Every person diagnosed with sight loss, wherever they live, should be able to access the support needed to empower them to live safely and to take an active part in society.
  • Embed accessible information practices into the NHS and wider public services. People with sight loss should receive information in a format that works for them, by right and without fight.
  • Lead the way in UK equality policy by reforming the way the public sector engages people with sight loss and other disabled people.

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