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RNIB speaks out against rail ticket offices closing

RNIB strongly opposes changes proposed by train operators which could lead to the majority of ticket offices closing in England as well as Glasgow Central. Find out how you can join our call to keep them open.

Update: the consultation has now closed. Find out our next steps in the campaign.

Blind and partially sighted people already face barriers to independent travel, and we’re very concerned that the closure of rail ticket offices will have a severe impact on blind and partially sighted people’s ability to purchase tickets, arrange assistance, and travel by rail.

Without ticket offices, rail passengers would be forced to purchase tickets online or using Ticket Vending Machines at the station, and neither of these options are accessible for many blind and partially sighted people.

RNIB research demonstrates the importance of ticket offices

According to our recent survey:

  • Only 3 per cent of blind and partially sighted respondents said they could use a ticket vending machine without problems.
  • 76 per cent said they would prefer to buy tickets from a person at a ticket office.

The Department for Transport claims the changes are part of “modernising the railway”, but modernisation doesn’t mean solely relying on apps and touchscreens. Modernisation means inclusivity and not leaving anyone behind.

Join RNIB’s call to keep ticket offices open

We don’t think the closure of ticket offices should be an option, and we’re raising our opposition directly with the Department for Transport.

To make matters worse the consultation is open for only 21 days, which is far too short – we would expect the consultation to last at least 12 weeks, in line with principles of good consultation.

To send the strongest message to train operators and the Department for Transport, we need as many people as possible to respond to the consultation.