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TfL brings “Turn up and go” service back to London Underground

After lots of campaigning, Transport for London’s important passenger assistance service resumes today (Monday 23 November).

We’re really pleased Transport for London (TfL) is bringing Turn up and go (TUAG) back to London Underground, after RNIB and other disability organisations, local politicians and individual campaigners called for its return.

TUAG’s importance for blind and partially sighted passengers

The TUAG service is vital for blind and partially sighted passengers travelling on London Underground and Overground. It means blind and partially sighted people can travel when they need or want to, rather than having to book assistance in advance. Without this scheme, there has been a big impact on the ability of many blind and partially sighted people to travel independently.

Assistance under TUAG includes sighted guiding for blind or partially sighted passengers, accompanying the person from the ticket hall to the platform, for boarding and changing trains, getting off trains and to the destination ticket hall.

Why TUAG was initially suspended

Coronavirus and social distancing had resulted in TUAG being suspended. Since March, TfL staff have been worried about safety and unsure how to guide people, without putting themselves or the people they were guiding at risk.

We had been calling on the Government for clear confirmation on how blind and partially sighted people could be guided safely during social distancing. When this confirmation finally came in September, we put together our own guidance, explaining how guiding can be provided in different circumstances.

The return of TUAG

We were disappointed that TUAG was not resumed sooner, but we’re glad that TfL has listened to campaigners, and has brought TUAG back. Crucially, TfL says it fully recognises that physical guidance is integral to travel independence for some customers.

TfL has briefed its staff, on measures to protect the health of both staff and customers with the return of TUAG. It says:

To keep everyone safe, we ask that where possible both the member of staff and customer wear a face covering, social distance as much as possible, avoid standing face to face and follow hand hygiene guidance.

More information on TUAG can be found on the TfL website.

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