Remaking our streets

Maya-Liam walking in an underground station using a white cane with a pink handle. A gold bar spans across the bottom of the photo.

We have seen changes made to street layouts, and the roll-out of rental e-scooter schemes. largely to encourage cycling so that people don’t have to use public transport. 

We want to ensure that any changes to our streets allow blind and partially sighted people and those with other disabilities to still safely get around and to cross the roads using pedestrian crossing facilities. You an find out more about our work to make our streets inclusive for everyone below.

We also want to ensure that e-scooter schemes do not negatively impact on blind or partially sighted pedestrians. You can read our advice to local authorities and e-scooter operators below, along with ways you can get involved and support our campaigns to make our streets safe for everyone.

It is also important that public transport is safe and accessible, as blind or partially sighted people are more likely to rely on it to get to work, health appointments, the shops, or just to meet friends. We are currently urging the Department of Transport and Network Rail to prioritise the installation of tactile paving along station platforms were it is missing, as they are a crucial safety feature for passengers with sight loss.  Find out how you can help below.