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Voice of the customer report 1

Insights into the lives of blind and partially sighted people in the UK and the issues that matter most to them. Key insights cover the negative impact of lockdown, the persistence of cliché and the potential for technology to change lives. First in a quarterly series.

Key findings

  • The winter lockdown has had a negative impact on the wellbeing and confidence of blind and partially sighted people. Many feel isolated, lonely and anxious about getting out and about. As restrictions are lifted they will need appropriate and sensitive support to reconnect with society.
  • There is much public goodwill toward blind and partially sighted people, but old and inaccurate clichés persist. There is an opportunity for RNIB and the sight loss sector to create new authentic portrayals to update society’s perceptions about people with sight loss and show how they are living, and what they are capable of.
  • Technology continues to be recognised as a great enabler, but there can often be mental and emotional barriers for people who could benefit from it. Training and support needs to be sensitive to individual attitudes, and revisited at different stages in someone’s sight loss journey.