Title: Incidence and risk of sight loss and blindness in the UK

Author: Deloitte Access Economics, Publisher: RNIB, Year of publication: 2017.


Deloitte Access Economics was commissioned by RNIB to estimate the incidence and lifetime risk of sight loss across the UK in 2016-17 using prevalence and mortality rates. The report gives background, methodology and presents the following key findings:

  • There were estimated to be 89,878 new cases of sight or blindness in 2016-17, representing 0.14% of the population.
  • This can be described as 246 new cases of permanent sight loss or blindness each day, or almost 1 person every 5.8 minutes
  • The lifetime risk (the probability or chance that someone born in 2016-17 would develop sight loss or blindness requiring intervention or treatment) was estimated to be 18.2% for permanent sight loss or blindness, or nearly 1 in 5 people.