Research reports

Our research is linked to the priorities set out in RNIB's strategy. The focus is to provide an evidence base that supports the organisation's ambitious goals so that we can have the greatest positive impact on blind and partially sighted people's lives.

General Research

These reports cover the general experiences, circumstances and opinions of blind and partially sighted people.

Evidence-based reviews

Our Evidence-based reviews look in more detail at the experiences of blind and partially sighted people in different age groups. They include a profile of the group, the policies that govern and impact upon their lives, and a commentary on what the evidence tells us.

Prevention of sight loss research

Sight is incredibly precious and we live in an increasingly visual world. Levels of avoidable sight loss in the UK are unacceptably high. Around half of all sight loss is preventable.

Early reach research

This research supports work to ensure proper emotional and practical support is available for everyone losing their sight, right from the point of diagnosis.

Employment research

This research covers a range of topics relating to employment and people of working age, including secondary analysis of government reports and programs.

Education research

Research in this area includes the accessibility of exams, education attainment and provision of educational services by local authorities.

Children and young people research

This section contains our research on children and young people

Emotional support and befriending research

Blind and partially sighted people require a range of support to help get on with everyday life. Changes in sight loss or personal circumstances can mean a need for fresh advice and support.

Television and technology research

This research explores the potential of accessible technology for empowering blind and partially sighted people.

Reading and Braille research

Research shows that reading is a very high priority for blind and partially sighted people, but less than 5 per cent of titles are available in accessible formats.

Travel and transport research

Research shows that independent travel is a challenge for all blind and partially sighted people and many find themselves trapped at home.

Money and finance research

The ability to manage money is vital to confidence and independence. These reports explore the barriers to financial inclusion.

About our research reports

Our research is either carried out by RNIB, or is commissioned on behalf of RNIB.

If you can't find what you're looking for in our reports section, you should also consult our Research Library.

Accessibility of research reports

Each year, we commission and produce a large number of research reports. Some we produce ourselves, and others are produced on our behalf by third parties.

The reports we produce ourselves will meet RNIB's own high accessibility standards.

When we commission others to produce reports for us, we do provide accessibility guidance. However, we can't guarantee that these reports will meet the standards we have for our own documents.

If you have any trouble with the accessibility of any research reports on RNIB's website, you can contact [email protected] - please let us know which report or reports you have struggled with.