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Thursday, 16 March 2017

In this blog about blogging, Connect member Sharon talks about why she likes sharing her thoughts and why you might like to start.

I like to share, I believe if we share its one way of showing others that we care, a blog can give out information on how we cope with things in our lives, concepts (or ideas) advice on how we manage to do things, guidance on what’s out there, what’s good or not so good.
We all share every day, think about what we share verbally with people that live close to us, sit by on us on the bus or train, while out shopping or at work, whilst attending social events, in a cafe or at an appointment, blogging enables to share with people we might never meet.
Blogs can be funny, sad, a rant about unfairness, how you actually feel, enabling us to get things out in the open, they can be shared anonymously, enabling people to open up and perhaps talk about issues they might find difficult to do in person. If a blog I post enables someone else to feel better, or find a way to solve a problem or seek out the help and support they need, that’s a job done, I read blogs too and find them helpful.
Blogging is a way of interacting with other people, communicating through the internet giving people access to others who might have problems using a pen and paper, text messages, calling on the phone or other media.
RNIB Connect enables you to understand that you are not the only one who’s going through sight loss, feeling the way you do, or struggling to cope with every day things, that’s why it’s important to blog so why not join Connect and start blogging away!

I'd like to blog