The Children's Services, which includes a specialist toy library and Carers Café, can provide information, support and practical face-to-face advice to non statutory child care settings, parents and carers of children with a learning disability within Fife.

This may include referrals to the Health and Education’s “Visual Assessment Team”, whose aim is to provide children and young people in Fife with improved eye care services.

Fife Children's Services

Who can access the service?

Because of the high-incidence of undiagnosed sight-loss in people with a learning disability we do not support only those with an identified visual impairment.  Any child with an additional support need, aged from birth to eighteen and still accessing children's services, can be referred to our services.

What we can do?

We aim to:

  • identify undiagnosed vision difficulties and increase understanding of the need for visual assessment
  • promote inclusion by enriching the child's experience in a childcare settings
  • support the child's development by providing resources specifically tailored to their needs in that setting (we work in partnership with other agencies, eg  teachers, paediatric physio therapists, etc)
  • 'up-skill' childcare staff who may not have experience of specific conditions or impairments through advice and training. 

How does this help?

Our service:

  • enables a child to attend their local pre-school or “Out of school” clubs.
  • supports inclusion in ordinary settings for children with physical and sensory needs.
  • enables children to access specialist equipment.
  • highlights suspected visual impairment.
  • an informal assessment is made and relevant equipment will be provided such as communication aids, puzzles etc.
  • the Service also supports vision training with Fife Childcare Strategy Team and combines knowledge of vision with the importance of inclusive play.

How do I access the service?

You can access our services via local health and education services or contact us directly.

Cost of Service

The service is free, and is a partnership between RNIB Scotland and Fife Childcare Strategy Team.

Carers Café

The Carers Café takes place on the last Saturday of every month at RNIB Pathway Service – it offers families access to our facilities, eg multi-sensory room, arts and crafts room, music room, etc, as well as the opportunity to socialise and network with other families. 

Topics of interest

We also organise short sessions on topics of interest to families, eg Benefits/Self Directed Support, accessible leisure opportunities, etc – topics are chosen by the families/carers.

Contact us

For more information please contact us:

The Co-ordinator
RNIB Scotland Pathway Service
Toy library and resource base
Tel: 01592 646 015
Email: [email protected]