Reports and publications from RNIB Scotland

We produce a range of reports and other publications. Below are brief descriptions of these and links to their PDF and Word versions.

Local Vision

RNIB Scotland's manifesto for the 2022 Scottish local authority elections. Published February 2022.

A Vision for the 2020s

RNIB Scotland manifesto for the 2021 Scottish Parliament election, calling on all parties to back policies to help end the exclusion of blind and partially sighted people. Published October 2020.

Communication Failure?

A review of the accessibility of health information for blind and partially sighted people in Scotland. Published February 2020.

Accessible Healthcare Toolkit

RNIB Scotland toolkit to help people with sight loss get health information in their required format, including information on the Patient Rights (Scotland) Act 2011 and template letters. Published September 2019.

Let's Work Together

Our information pack is aimed at helping employers retain workers who experience sight loss and explains what help and funding is available. Published May 2019.

Putting Inverness Streets ahead

Produced by RNIB Scotland in collaboration with a number of national and local disability groups, setting out the case for a Street Charter to make Inverness more physically accessible. Published June 2018.

Scotland: Street Charter Toolkit

Our toolkit sets out a range of activities for campaigners to engage with local authorities on the issue of obstructive street clutter, and points to relevant legislation. Published July 2015.

Scottish Vision Strategy (2013-18)

Document outlining the second phase of the cross-sectoral strategy for tackling preventable sight loss. Described as "the most concerted drive to safeguard eyesight ever undertaken in Scotland". Published October 2013

Technology for Life

Booklet looking at how technology is helping people with sight loss to retain their independence. Published September 2012.

Accessibility of Health Information

Report based on a survey of people with sight loss on their experiences of getting accessible healthcare information in formats such as audio and braille. Published September 2010.

Cost of Sight Loss (2010-20)

Report that examines the full cost of sight loss to the public sector and how this is projected to almost double within the next two decades. Published June 2010.

This Is Working

Ten case-studies that profile people living with sight loss who sustain exacting career jobs that includes broadcasting, financial services, careers guidance, housing and IT. Published in May 2008.

This Is Working 2

Second collection of ten case-studies of people who are blind and partially sighted in jobs, including physiotherapist, civil service policy officer and secondary school teacher. Published November 2009.

This is Working 3

Nine new case-studies of people with sight loss in Scotland who are employed in a range of jobs, including IT lecturer, civil engineer and secondary school teacher. Published February 2015.