Employment professionals

If your profession involves you supporting job seekers or helping people remain in work, we can help you.

Information for employment professionals

Blind or partially sighted people should not be excluded from employment - nor should sight loss equal job loss.

If your profession involves supporting job seekers we can help you support these clients. We work with partners to deliver tailored employment solutions, and we have developed tools to help blind and partially sighted people find work.

We can also support welfare to work providers and those whose role involve helping blind and partially sighted people into work.

If you are an employer looking to take on a blind or partially sighted person, please take a look at our information on employing a blind or partially sighted person.

Guide for Employers

We understand that businesses may have questions about taking on someone with sight loss.

Our guide to employing someone with sight loss has been designed to address those questions and to set out the benefits of employing a blind or partially sighted person. It covers everything a business needs to know about employing someone with sight loss, from the recruitment and interview process, to making sure an employee has the right equipment in place to be successful in their role and progress their career.

Download the guide to employing someone with sight loss


Guide for employment professionals

We have produced a guide outlining what good employment support for blind and partially sighted people looks like. We want to equip you with the knowledge, tools and confidence to support working age people with sight loss trying to find or stay in work.

Employment assessment toolkit

We have produced an assessment toolkit for employment professionals who work with blind and partially sighted people looking for work The employment assessment toolkit will help professionals to gain a clear understanding of what a person's aspirations and abilities are in relation to employment, and what types of support and development are needed to help fulfil these.

Blind and partially sighted people can face more barries than others when looking for work. The employment assessment toolkit isn’t intended to replace your own early assessments, but will help you to identify the additional types of support needed and will help you to build a relevant action plan.

Pre-employment programme

We have developed a manual for trainers to deliver a structured pre-employment programme for blind and partially sighted people requiring the development of skills to move closer to the labour market.

Employment news

Stay up-to-date on the latest employment news and developments affecting blind and partially sighted people.