If you are struggling to read print, we can help you discover a new way of reading with audio books.

How to get Talking Books from RNIB

Subscribe to the Talking Book Service today - call 0303 123 9999, email helpline@rnib.org.uk or fill out the library registration form on our RNIB Library page.

  • Choose to receive your Talking Books on either Daisy CD or USB stick 
  • A Talking Books annual subscription costs £50
  • More than 23,000 high quality, unabridged audio books, delivered direct to your door

What you get with Talking Books

  • Borrow up to six books at any one time - with extra books for holidays.
  • Borrow as many books as you want over the year.
  • Our speedy on-demand service means you will receive the books you want straight away with no waiting for any title.
  • All our audio books fit on just a single CD, or three books on a single USB stick
  • Get help with choosing audio books from our experienced librarians.

When you subscribe to RNIB Talking Books, you also become a member of RNIB Library.

Getting started with Talking Books

Gifts for grandparents, parents, friends and family

If you are looking for a gift for parents or grandparents and want to give them something that lasts all year round, buy a gift subscription to the Talking Book Service.

Audio books for children

We have a wide range of audio books for children and teenagers, and our Reader Services Team can help with choosing books for children.

Support Talking Books

Almost two million people are living with sight loss in the UK. When you lose your sight, you feel like you lose everything. Listening to a Talking Book is one of the things that people can enjoy without having to rely on anyone else. That feeling of independence is so important.

Over 34,000 people know how amazing the service can be. But that's just a fraction of the people who could benefit. It costs RNIB £4 million a year to run the Talking Book Service. Listen to Insight Radio explore the process of audio book production at RNIB Talking Book studios Behind the scenes - making a Talking Book (mp3). Support our Reading Choices by donating to RNIB.

80 years of Talking Books

In 2015, RNIB Talking Books celebrates bringing eight decades of innovation, choice and independence to thousands of blind and partially sighted people. Find out more about the history and development of our flagship service with our special anniversary brochure.

Download the brochure:

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