The classic audio description style has been used here for the first episode of a five-part series, Holy Land, documentary shot in 360 degrees. 

Classic description is produced to resemble the standard audio description experience in which on-screen elements, that would otherwise be missed by people with sight loss, are objectively described. 

Most participants who rated this mode as their preferred option in the feedback sessions, commented on how much it resembled the service on TV. 

Some of the quotes include:

“Pair of cozy slippers – I'm so used to it.”

“Absolutely fine. No surprises. Most practical one to produce. It’s one we listen to on TV.” 

However, the group comprising occasional viewers of TV programmes and consequently, occasional users of audio description, felt that this mode lacked the feel of the original content, which affected their enjoyment and immersion. 

“Very old school. Like on the TV. Just sit and watch something made specially for blind people. It’s not great. The describer should not talk over the sound effects!”

Watch video: Holy Land Episode 1 

Content credit: Verizon Media