A Talking Book player is a device designed specially to play audio books on CD, memory card or USB memory stick.

There are three kinds of devices available - Desktop DAISY players, portable DAISY players or USB players.

Most Talking Book players have easy to see and feel buttons positioned for ease of use and convenience. Functions like fast forwarding, rewinding, play/stop, volume, speed, pitch, book shelf and book mark are all included as standard on these machines.


Some Talking Book players are powered by electric and must be kept plugged in, whereas others have a rechargeable battery and can be moved around. Sound from Talking Book players can be output via built in speakers or through headphones, as most have a standard 3.5mm jack. 

There is no specific set up procedure to use Talking Book players as there are many different kinds of device.


Talking Book players are a great way to access books in audio format if your sight loss prevents you from reading print. You can choose and read titles in a wide range of categories and genres, which puts you on a level par with sighted readers as you can access a book as soon as it becomes available.

You can read a book while travelling, when sitting at home or in bed.

Bookmarks can be set so that you don’t lose your place when reading. The readers speed of delivery can be slowed down or made faster and the book can be navigated by chapter or section. 


Reading a book can be relaxing, exciting or educational as you immerse yourself in the story. A Talking Book player can help you to do this with its accessible design and the wide range of formats and titles available.

Prices for Talking Book players range from £41.99 to £354 depending on features, functions and capability.

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