Talking Books

we have the largest selection of talking books for blind and partially sighted people in the UK

Our Talking Books service is absolutely free. Giving you access to over 34,000 fiction and non fiction books for adults and children.

Talking Books has been one of our most loved services for more than eight decades, and we now offer more formats and titles than ever before.

Formats available

  • You can choose to receive your Talking Books by digital download, and we also have a range of titles available to buy from our online shop.

  • Or you can now get your books through an Alexa enabled device such as your smart speaker, tablet or phone.

  • You can also get your books on DAISY CD (one book per disc) or USB stick (three books per stick) depending on your personal taste.

Get started

For more information or to sign up to the RNIB Library get in touch: