Anonymous Talking Books Narrator

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Saturday, 13 October 2018
Anonymous narrator

Find out what happens when a narrator records a book in the wrong accent

Once upon a time, a young narrator working for RNIB was given a 520 page book to read. Before going into the studio he had read 480 odd pages. After a day of recording, he went home and finished the book, only to discover that a character he’d been reading in his finest Billy Connolly accent (the book was set in Scotland…”returned to his native England”. Nowadays, although it would be a pain, with iPads and computer editing the error could have been corrected relatively easily. However, this was back in the day of print books and reel to reel tapes. What to do?! The young narrator agonised all night. He’d not been reading for RNIB very long and rather liked the job. He decided he wouldn’t read the whole book again and returned to the studio to continue reading. When the fatal line was reached…he left it out. 

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