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Thursday, 9 August 2018

"I’ve been blind all my life. Along with my twin sister, who died at birth, I was born prematurely and when doctors administered oxygen to revive me they damaged my retinas.

Paul Bryce sat in the driver's seat of a stationary bus wearing a high-vis vest during one of RNIB's Swap with Me bus events. A gold bar span below the photo

"My condition is known as premature retinopathy and I can see nothing at all. I studied broadcasting at Staffordshire University and when I graduated in 2004 I immediately went into radio, working for the BBC as a freelance producer, broadcaster and presenter. I’d like to get a permanent radio job, but it’s not easy. I receive Disability Living Allowance (DLA) which is helpful for when freelance work dries up. I’m a regular presenter on RNIB Connect Radio. Over the years I’ve probably used or worked with almost every department at RNIB, including Talk and Support, the online shop, Helpline, and advice. I’ll always have close ties to the organisation - if you cut me in half I’ve got RNIB running through me!"

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