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Wednesday, 14 November 2018
Robin Spinks and son Tadhg

"Technology plays a crucial role in helping me be as independent as possible."

I was born with albinism and have had low vision all of my life. Technology plays a crucial role in helping me be as independent as possible. My three year old son Tadhg and I recently visited Edinburgh Zoo. Like Tadhg, I was eager to enjoy the visit but I was also mindful of how visual a visit to the zoo can be. “Daddy what’s that animal called?” To me it looked like a spikey black blob. Thanks to Microsoft’s Seeing AI app, I was able to find out the blob was in fact a Visayan warty pig. Seeing AI accompanied us for the rest of the day, helping us both learn about all the animals, their habitats, feeding regimes and sustainability. We even had a whole conversation about the meaning of endangered species – yes, he’s only three years old! Feeling independent is a wonderful thing. Knowing that technology can enable shared experiences and lower the barriers posed by sight loss is even more powerful. It motivates you to go further, aim higher and pursue your passions. I can think of many helpful apps that I wouldn’t want to be without, but I can’t think of another that’s had a bigger positive impact. Quite simply, it’s a game changer.

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