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Folk and Roots

Take a musical journey around the world.

Aly Prince looking into the lens from his home.
Aly Prince looking into the lens from his home.

Listen every Tuesday at 12 noon, repeated Wednesday at 9pm and Sunday at 4pm.

Aly Prince selects folk and world music filled with life and history, created by storytellers from around the globe.

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Track List

  1. Straight To The Moon by Red Light District
  2. Free Free at Last by Legends Of Tomorrow
  3. Meri Awaaz Suno by Rita Morar
  4. LEBOSS by Captain Cumbria and BazBaz
  5. All Kinds Of Crazy by Nick Cody ft Towse
  6. Lucia by Nic Norton and Alice Morell
  7. Jack Of Diamonds by Blind Lemon Jefferson
  8. Silver Seed by Lisa O’Neill
  9. Baby it’s Cold Outside by Taj Mahal with Maria Muldaur
  10. Manitoumani by M feat: Fatoumata Diawara
  11. A Valts by Zisl Slepovitch Ensemble
  12. The Clearances again by Skipinnich
  13. Accompanala by Tota La Momposina
  14. Engine Room by Olantunji