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Pure 70s

Roger Cole brings you the greatest hits from the 1970s.

Image of Roger Cole, RNIB Connect Radio presenter
Image of Roger Cole, RNIB Connect Radio presenter

Listen every Thursday from 7pm, repeated Saturday's at 9pm and Sunday at 5pm.

Roger Cole presents an hour of classic 1970s tracks including the massive hits of the decade as well as some forgotten gems. Rediscover your favourite dance floor tunes with Disco Days, hear tracks from a classic album and celebrate the era of glam rock with the feature "Don’t Knock It Glam Rock It!"

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Track List

  1. Life Is A Minestrone by 10CC
  2. Tom Tom Turnaround by New World
  3. He’s Misstra Know-It-All by Stevie Wonder
  4. Virginia Plain by Roxy Music
  5. Radio Radio by Elvis Costello
  6. Don’t You Worry ‘bout A Thing by Stevie Wonder
  7. Spacer by Sheila & B Devotion
  8. Do You Love Me by ?
  9. Fresh Garbage by Spirit
  10. Higher Ground by Stevie Wonder
  11. Imagine Me Imagine You by Fox
  12. Maggie May by Rod Stewart