Campaigning for positive change

Everyone in Northern Ireland has the right to live life to the fullest

Our campaigning work focuses around the key issues and barriers identified by blind and partially sighted people across Northern Ireland. 

These include, but are not limited to:

We work alongside blind and partially sighted people, engaging with key partners and stakeholders in raising awareness of sight loss, placing related issues at the centre of public policy planning - believing that together we can bring about unprecedented societal change.

Our Community Engagement report further outlines these key areas for action, including: enabling independence, supporting community connections, enhancing public transport services, dispelling myths and misconceptions of the abilities of people with sight loss in work, and ensuring our town and city planning is truly inclusive. 

Read our full Community Engagement Report. You can also read about some of our latest successes on our Latest News from Northern Ireland page.

NI Assembly Elections 2022

RNIB Northern Ireland Manifesto 2022

We’ve launched our manifesto ahead of May’s NI Assembly elections. Our "#SeeMe #SeeDifferently" manifesto sets out practical steps for local political representatives, the NI Assembly and public bodies to take so that blind and partially sighted people in Northern Ireland can be supported. 

You can read our full manifesto here: RNIB publishes manifesto for the Northern Ireland Assembly Elections 2022 - RNIB - See differently

New Helpline launched for blind and partially sighted voters in NI

After consultation with members of the Visual Impairment Consultative Forum (a consortium of nine organisations, including RNIB, that work with blind and partially sighted people in Northern Ireland), the Electoral Office of Northern Ireland have established a new Helpline voters can now call to hear the list of candidates in their area, in the order they will appear on the ballot paper.  

Voters can now call 028 9044 6611, choose their constituency and hear the list of local candidates in the order they will appear on the ballot paper. 

For more information visit the Electoral Office website: The Electoral Office of Northern Ireland - EONI

Campaigning during the coronavirus pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has created many new barriers, and further exposed long standing challenges for many blind and partially sighted people. New street and shop layouts, social distancing, inaccessible information, isolation from family and friends – these have all had a massive impact. 

RNIB responded to these challenges by working co-operatively with central and local government, our colleagues in the statutory and voluntary sectors, as well as local businesses and their representatives, to ensure that short term needs were met - from working with supermarkets to secure priority online shopping slots, to working with the Department of Health to provide advice for staff involved with administrating the Coronavirus vaccine to blind and partially sighted patients.

We are planning and working for a future where accessibility is at the heart of all decision-making.  

Best Practice Guidance - for Individuals, Business, and Government 

We have also developed best practice guidance to enable various sectors within our community to better meet the needs of their clients and customers with sight loss. These can be downloaded below:

For anyone with sight loss

For the general public

For business

For government and health sector

Contact us

If you’re interested in supporting any of our campaigning work, please contact the NI Policy and Campaigns Team on [email protected] or get in touch via our Helpline on 0303 123 9999.