Other RNIB Scotland services

Here is a range of services offered by RNIB Scotland with relevant links to find out more.

Support and reassurance for people losing their sight

Our Eye Clinic Liaison Officer (ECLO) service offers practical advice and emotional reassurance on living with sight loss.  

Our services for Children, Young People and Families

We help children, young people, parents and schools make the best possible transition and offer the best support from early years through school and into further education. 

Income maximisation

We can offer advice and support in maximising any welfare benefits you might be eligible for as well as on other money matters. 

RNIB Resource Centre

Aids and equipment are available for purchase from our RNIB Resource Centre which is designed for people with sight loss and which can help you maximise your independence. 

Help with using technology

RNIB's Technology for Life initiative can advise on how you can make the most of modern technology and utilise the accessibility feature now built into many modern products.